We have some very talented musicians as a part of our community!

Each Sunday they share music of all types with us - folk, inspirational, classical, rock, blues and more. Here is a bit about the musicians of the PLC:


Cedar Dobson

Cedar Dobson, 19, is a visual artist, photographer, videographer, musician, and composer. For the past four years, Cedar has been studying music theory and composition under the instruction of local music teacher and composer, John Kilburn. Cedar has been a member of the Yosemite High School Wind Ensemble, Concert Band, and Jazz Band, and is a member of the new band TapisTree, along with Amy Duke and John Kilburn. Cedar specializes in traditional Irish and Scottish music and plays the Irish Tin Whistle, Bodhrán, mandolin, bagpipes, and guitar. Cedar composes virtual orchestral film scores using virtual and physical instruments and is now taking music production classes (at home, online) from Pulse College in Dublin, Ireland.

Cedar Dobson Videos


Cheyenne Hernandez

Cheyenne Hernandez is a poet, singer, and song-writer living in Mariposa, CA. She has been singing ever since she was a child due to the strong influence of her mother's love of singing. Growing up Cheyenne sang in the school choir, performed in school theater, colorguard, journaled and wrote poetry constantly. Focusing on these expressions before she had access to computers and internet influenced her style in that it brought a great deal of introspection into her work. Her best art has always been a "communion with The Soul" which she feels is one of life's most fulfilling experiences. In more recent years Cheyenne has traveled with her son Spirit. They spent three months in India where Cheyenne had the honor of being welcomed to perform with members of the community in Goa. This year Cheyenne is focusing on writing again. It was disappointing not to travel this year but she is excited with the seeds that have been planted during this time of grounding. She is grateful for her growth, her gifts and to be part of such an outstanding community.

Joe Nelson

Joe Nelson

Joe Nelson is a multi-instrumentalist/singer/composer who’s been playing professionally since 1970, first as a drummer playing jazz, rock and country, then as a guitar and banjo player. He toured the bluegrass festival circuit in the southeastern states and Florida from 1985 until he moved to California in 1999. Joe is PLC’s longest performing musician first playing for Sunday service in 1999 to present and he is currently the PLC music director. Joe hung up his traveling shoes and doesn’t play many gigs nowadays. After 50 years, he says he’s content just concentrating his efforts at PLC.

Photo by Virginia Strauss

Jim Savarino

Jim is a Performing songwriter from West Virginia whose life experiences fuel songs with poetic descriptions of life, nature and the spiritual world, with a viewpoint of optimism, humor and hope. His song, “Walkin’ Shoes” appears in the PBS American Masters documentary, “Tyrus”, chronicling the life of the Chinese-born American artist and Disney Legend, Tyrus Wong. In August, 2020, Jim signed with Silverwolf Records. Photo by Virginia Strauss”

Jim Savarino Video

Other talented musicians that perform for us include …

Laurie Ballard Tamara Dent Patty Hummel John Kilburn John Lalonde

In Memoriam you will be greatly missed


Jimmy Collier

Jimmy Collier's repertoire blends folk, blues, gospel, country and soul has electrified audiences from Carnegie Hall to Sesame Street, to President Carter's Inaugural Program. Collier's experiences as a performer echo some of the most important events of our culture. These include working as staff entertainer for Dr. Martin Luther King, crewing on Pete Seeger's musical sloop Clearwater, and portraying the role of African Americans in the Old West. He performed widely in Northern California at State University workshops, Stanford University, and for various organizations.

Jimmy Collier Videos

Stephen DeRuby

Stephen DeRuby

Stephen DeRuby played the guitar, East Indian esraj, Chinese harp, bouzouki, cello, self-made flutes, and was a singer. His songs are uplifting and inspirational. Stephen's original style creates a broad cross-cultural experience. His recordings include influences from World music, New Age, Folk, Chants, Sing-Along and Meditative music. He was an internationally known artist, and his music can still be heard on Satellite Radio, Webcasting and Cable Radio.

Stephen DeRuby Videos